Nature's Poison Ivy Cure

  • Nature's Poison Ivy Cure

Stops the Itch immediately and Heals the Rash in just a few days for dogs and people

Great for Pet Rashes too

We use a Native American recipe that calls for the use of sweet fern. Sweet fern is a shrub that looks like a fern. It is native to the eastern U.S. and has beautifully scalloped, deciduous leaves. It is an aromatic astringent herb, used mainly to control bleeding, diarrhea, and as a wash for poison ivy rash (and other rashes). It is a member of the wax myrtle or bayberry family, which grows nearly worldwide, with about 40 species of small trees and shrubs, 5 native tree species, and 3 shrub species in North America. The leaves are very aromatic when boiled.

Ingredients: Wild Sweet Fern harvested by hand in Maine