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Dog Smart Puzzle by Nina Ottosson

  • Dog Smart Puzzle by Nina Ottosson

TREAT AND TRAIN: The Nina Ottosson Dog Smart is an entry level dog puzzle that challenges your dog to uncover treats through problem solving while helping them develop new learning techniques.

SWITCH IT UP: The bones in this puzzle toy can be arranged to be flush with the board or elevated for different challenge levels. When the bones on the Dog Smart are flush with the board, your dog will learn to paw and nuzzle at the pieces differently than when the bones are elevated and more easily removeable.

HOLDS FOOD: The Dog Smart is great for treating and feeding your dog holding up to 1 cup of kibble.

Fights Boredom by Keeping Your Dog Busy
Helps Reduce Destructive Behavior
Fun For All Dogs Regardless of Age, Size or Breed
Easy to Clean